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Introducing Home-Based Learning

Learning is continuous, and nothing can stop us. Due to the suspension of physical tuition classes, we have started our online teaching for the past two weeks. We are happy that our students are excited to try this new method of learning via virtual classroom.

With the help of Heyhi and SmartJen, we have created a face to face virtual classroom where teacher and students meet.

Our tutor is making use of new technology provide guidance on Mathematics,

And Science. All these are possible with the help of experienced and engaging tutors who are willing to go the extra mile during this circuit breaker period to ensure learning never stops.

While most learning activities have moved online via virtual classrooms, it becomes a challenge for tutor to monitor student’s progress. SmartJen AI driven e-learning platform has allow our teachers to monitor students’ progress and create personalised worksheets to suit their needs. SmartJen allows students to submit their answers and workings through the online quiz which supports both MCQ and open ended questions. Learning has been fun with great interaction between our students and teachers. Do give us a call should you wish to find out more or be part of our new learning initiative. See you guys in our virtual classroom soon!

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