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Ms Liza Lim

Tutor Qualification

– Bachelor of Engineering (NUS, Singapore)
– Post Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE)
– Ex-secondary school teacher
– More than 10 years of tutoring experiences
– Teaching Secondary, Junior College, IB program
– 2017 KRTC Best Tutor Awardee

Teaching Philosophy

We are all born with some basic skills in counting. Researchers found even babies have the sense of numbers. However, most mathematical skills and knowledge need to be learned. I believe every student is capable of learning Mathematics well given the right guidance and time.
Throughout my years of teaching mathematics, I have analyzed and discovered that there is a correlation between interest and good results. Students, who have strong interest in Mathematics, often find the subject easy and learned well. The students will have right attitude, initiative to do practice and to explore the knowledge. Thus, they performed in examinations. Interest can be cultivated given the good environment and excellence in results can be achieved.
I will help my students to be interested in mathematics and ensure that my students learn the concepts well. A strong foundation in Mathematics is built upon good understanding and internalization of concepts.
I am an advocate of effective learning approaches that match students’ learning styles. As each child is unique, there will be ways to help him/her to learn.
I look forward to excellent results/great improvements from my students’ tests and examinations. Result is indeed important as good results lead to better opportunity in future endeavour. Good achievement is the result of great learning.

Teaching Methodology

I am equipped with teaching pedagogy in Mathematics. I am able to use creative and interesting methods to coach my students in the difficult areas such as problem solving, algebra and geometry.
Teaching methodology will vary to match students’ learning styles and abilities. They include visual, audio and kinestatic(hands on).
I will let my students see Mathematics as an interesting and manageable subject.

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Coming in just a few months before “O” levels and starting with an F9, I came without expecting much – a pass would me more than happy. Through those last few months before O’s, Ms Liza tutored me and ensured me the best she could. With lots of patience, she guided me and ensured that I acquired the skills I needed by the time I take my paper. She was firm when needed, but never once did she stop encouraging me. Her positively assured me that passing A.Math was not impossible after all. She would answer just about any question I had. Since the runway was very short for me, Ms Liza went the extra mile by helping me even out of tuition hours – answering my questions through “WhatsApp”. she is one of the most dedicated and committed tutor I’ve ever had. By the time I took my papers, Ms Liza have equipped me with enough skills to graduate with a grade of B3 for A.Maths – 6 grades difference as compared to what I started with just a few months before that. A mere “thank you” sounds so inadequate, but Ms Liza, please know that my gratitude for your help and guidance is immense! 🙂

-by Siti Sue Lyanna(2014, S4 A.Maths)

Ms Liza is a dedicated teacher who has taught me A Math since I was Secondary 3. She has patiently explained numerous concepts to me repeatly, making I could fully understand. She is always willing to clarify all my doubts, helping develop a strong foundation. With her constant praises and encouragements, I have gained more confidence in the subject. Her caring and warm-hearted nature is one of the many reasons why I look forward to see her every Saturday at KRTC. Because of Ms Liza, I have learnt to love Mathematics and I would really like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for coaching me with passion and dedication.

-by Lim Jing Shyan(2019, O’Level)

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