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Are you looking for the best tuition centre for your child? Tuition becomes a necessity more than a trend in Singapore these days. As parents who are looking for the best for their children, we are determined to send our children to the best tuition centres available. These competitive demands have pushed tutors and centres to improve, but we are also left to face the dilemma of having too many good options.

Every tuition centre seems to claim to have good tutors, systems and achievements. However, how do you know which centres are truly the best among the best?

As truthful as they are, not every tuition centre works for the best interest of your child.

#1 Make sure your child’s needs are met

As different children have different abilities and learning styles, sometimes tuition centres can only benefit some but not all. Ask yourself this question – In what environment does my child learn best? Some children focus better when the class sizes are small (tutors can keep an eye on them and make sure they are not distracted). Some children prefer to ask questions and learn in an interactive way. Some work best when they are left alone to read, make notes and digest the study materials given.
You cannot expect an active and interaction-seeking child to improve if the tutors make every student in class sit still and ‘listen’ for 2 hours. In psychological terms, it is also known as person-environment fit. Finding teaching styles that are complementary to your child’s preferred learning method will help them improve more efficiently.
Home tutors can also be a good option as your child can receive one-on-one attention from the tutor.

#2 Verified Education Background

Every tutor should have a basic background but what is important is how honest they are with themselves. Tutors must have their qualification verified by the centres before starting their assignments. As parents, make sure to find out how ‘qualified’ your tutors claim they are. Some tuition centres verify their tutors’ documents thoroughly. This ‘resume checker’ ensures tutors are honest with their ability and qualification as well as giving parents’ a peace of mind. Upon parents’ requirements and tutors’ consents, some tuition centres will even show you their tutors’ certificates.
There are two types of tutors, one with official teaching background and without. Ex-NIE or NIE trained teachers are MOE recognised and are naturally more well verse with the education syllabus to ‘spot’ exam questions. However, some non NIE tutors also make extra effort to stay updated to the latest syllabus while gaining experience through years of tutoring students.
Besides education background, good tutors are also effective educators. Some tutors might have lower education level but they are committed, productive and efficient. Such are valuable tutors.
They know what works best for your child, communicate well and are able to guide your child through an effective learning experience.

#3 Feedbacks from Students and Parents

The best opinion often comes from people on the same boat. Hear what other parents or children say about the tuition centre you have in mind. You can also easily find testimonials and feedbacks from the centre’s Facebook or Web Page. For example, KRTC gathers testimonials from students towards their tutors to keep the quality of education provided in check.

Some discussion forums like KIasuParents or Singapore Parents are also useful platforms to learn the latest news about good tuition centres and tutors.
In conclusion, any tuition centre or agency can claim that they have the best tutors and services. That might be an element of truth within but it is always safer to make a checklist yourself when selecting the most suitable tutors for your children. Remember to ask these 3 questions,

#1 Does the tuition centre’s system complement your child’s needs?

#2 Are the tutors verified?

# 3 What do other parents/students say?

You don’t want your child to fall under the hands of unqualified and irresponsible tutors who do more harm than good on their academic performance. On the contrary, if you find a true good tutor, your child’s future academic performance will sure to hit its peak.
Wish you all the best in finding the best tutors!
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