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Mr Oliver Testimonials

I grew to love the subject and desire to know more… I revised more with the help of his concepts. My results improve from B4 to A1

-by Goh Jingrui(2013, S2 Science)

… for 4 years and Mr Oliver had helped me a lot in science. I had improved throughout the years. Thank you for your guidance and teaching.

-by Vaness (2013, PSLE)

I was jumping for joy when an A star accolade was awarded for me in my PSLE certificate.

-by Ryan (2013, PSLE)

I am very happy with my results. Thank you Mr Oliver for helping me in Science. I really thought that the mind maps were useful.Thank you!

-by Jerrick (2013, PSLE)

When I first joined, my Maths Scores were a bit unstable. After the course, my scores became stabilized and were all A*. You are the best teacher ever!

-by Tran Ha Thu (2013, PSLE)

I was definitely not expecting an A* for Science out of all my subjects. For my prelims I got a B so an A* was a surprise!

-by Amira (2013, PSLE)

I want to thank Mr Oliver for teaching me Maths and Science. When I was left on my own to struggle with Maths problems. he taught me tricks to solve it. I could use most of his tricks and I could get an A*

-by Nikhila Ravikumar (2013, PSLE)

I am very delighted with my results in PSLE. I am very thankful for Mr Oliver Chan’s help in Science and Math. All of my subject had an A grade. Mr Oliver’s teaching helped me get into my dream school, SOTA.

-by Jade Vergara (2013, PSLE)

I am happy about my results in PSLE. I started Mr Oliver’s class at the start of 2012 and when I received myy PSLE results, I am overjoyed for I received A* for Maths and A for the Science. I want to thank Mr Oliver for helping me guide through Science and Math in his tuition classes which lead me into class.

-by Su Pei Geng (2013, PSLE)

I have improved from B to A. I enjoyed Mr Oliver’s class as he uses mind mapping, helps me to learn faster and to remember longer.

-by Melia Tong (2013, P5 Maths and Science)

I have maintained my high marks in Science in Primary 5. I have enjoyed mind mapping lessons.

-by Keith Toh (2013, P5 Science)

I am amazed by my Science results. I didn’t know that I will improve that much. I also learn a lot from his mindmaps.

-by Amos (2013, P5 Science)

I’m very happy with my results in my final examination. I like to thank Mr Oliver Chan for teaching me Science and Maths. My Science grade had improved from 77 to 87 and my Maths grade improved from A to A*

-by Nguyen Viet Dung(2013, P5 Maths)

I got 83.5 for Science and 85 for Maths. I enjoy mind mapping in Mr Oliver’s classes.

-by Ellia Tong(2013, P4 Maths and Science)

I improved from 73.5 in SA1 to 91 (best ever) in SA2… and broke all my records.

-by Teo Liang Ming(2013, P4 Maths and Science)

I improved from 35 in SA1 to 70.5 in SA2 within 4 months. I enjoyed mindmapping lessons.

-by Haikal(2013, P4 Maths)

My Science results have improved by 7.5 marks. My SA2 results is 91.5.

-by Amelia(2013, P4 Science)

My Science has improved a lot from mid-year… Mr Oliver helped me in understanding the questions

-by Xin Ran(2013, P3 Science)

Mr Oliver’s class has helped improve my results. My SA2 results is 90/100

-by Canthal Lee(2013, P3 Mathematics)

I got 90.5 in my SA2 and I had learnt more in Maths…

-by Jowell(2013, P3 Mathematics)

I am very delighted that I have score 100 marks for my maths in SA2 last year. Thanks to Mr Oliver Chan. The way he teaches make me understand and I have learnt techniques in solving problem sums.

-by Vaness(2013, P3 Mathematics)

I am very happy with my Maths Result (great improvement)… Mr Oliver is the Best teacher

-by Chandelle Chew(2013, P2 Mathematics)

Mr Oliver Chan teach me Mathematics. I get 75 then I go up to 81/100

-by Hong Yuenshan(2013, P1 Mathematics)

I am getting 100 marks for both SA1 and SA2. I enjoy… sweets, chocolates, rewards and classmates…

-by Denise Tan(2013, P1 Mathematics)