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Ms Liza Testimonials


Ms Liza is a dedicated teacher who has taught me A Math since I was Secondary 3. She has patiently explained numerous concepts to me repeatly, making I could fully understand. She is always willing to clarify all my doubts, helping develop a strong foundation. With her constant praises and encouragements, I have gained more confidence in the subject. Her caring and warm-hearted nature is one of the many reasons why I look forward to see her every Saturday at KRTC. Because of Ms Liza, I have learnt to love Mathematics and I would really like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for coaching me with passion and dedication.

-by Lim Jing Shyan(2019, O’Level)

Ms Liza is a kind maths teacher that explains difficult math questions step by step to those who do not understand. She is also willing to share with us some live experience to make the class livelier and more entertaining. I find Ms Liza AMAZING as she is able to multitask and care for each and every student in class. Hope you remain AWESOME.

-by Justin Khant (2016, O level A-Maths)

Maths has become easier for me with Ms Liza’s teaching, as she is able to let me learn from my mistakes. She does it better than my own school teacher. She is also very and patient when getting me to understand concepts when teaching too. If I am unsure of anything, I would usually look forward to asking questions. She is able to multitask well and manage her time well to ensure that we have a takeaway from every lesson. She is a teach who is ABLE to help any student.

-by Zarine Wong (2016, O level A-Maths)

I have been in Ms Liza class since I was in SEC 1. She is a very patient teacher and would never get angry. Whenever I have a question, she would explain it to me clearly until I understand. Because of her help, I was able to maintain my Amaths results at a grade A. Whenever we have tests, she would identify which topics we are weak in and teacher us on how we should do it correctly. If we were to fail our test, she would be there to encourage us to do better next time. She will give us advise on what we should do when the exams are nearing. This help us to improve our results. I am THANKFUL for having a teacher like her. Thank you Ms Liza. 

-by Tracy Neo (2016, O level A-Maths)

Ms Liza is a friendly and caring teacher. She INSPIRE me and help me recover from a failing maths grade. She has help me improved greatly and make learning easier and better. I improved from a D7 to a B3 since last year. I am still currently with her and will continue to improve under her guidance.

-by Ng Kai Ming (2016, Year 4 Integrated Program Student from RV)

Before I joined Ms Liza’s Mathematics lesson at KRTC last December, I did not fare very well for my Maths Examinations. Ms Liza’s lessons were extremely engaging and helped me improved my maths GREATLY. She is a very caring teacher who does not mind staying back after lessons to clarify students’ doubts. Thanks to Ms Liza’s teaching, I am now ready to excel in my O levels. Thank you for coaching me Ms Liza. You have been one of my best Mathematics teachers I have ever met. I wish you goodluck and all the best in your future endeavours.

-by Sean Lee (2016, O level)

Since Sec 3, my Amaths results have been very bad. I was the last few in class. However, when I joined Ms Liza class, my grade has improved greatly. She is a very caring teacher. She helps us in solving those questions that I have difficulties in and will explain it to me patiently until I get it. She is very encouraging and keep on reminding us to aim high. Because of Ms Liza, my results have improved a lot, from a failing grade to a minimum grade B. I am starting to LOVE Amaths. Thank you Ms Liza.

-by Mun Rui (2016, O level)

I joined Krtc in SEC 1. When my maths grade was a B. Ever since then, my Maths grade has improved. And I have been constantly being able to attain A1 in my grades. I even went on to attain the YOSP AWARD for Mathematics last year, 2015. However, learning from Liza is more than grade alone but also the skills picked up. Ms Liza has inspired me to pursue Mathematics and has caused me to have a deep passions and interest in the subject. She makes the subject easy to understand and ensures that homework assigned covers the scope of the topic. This allow me to be fully prepared for any exams. Additionally, Ms Liza teacher the basics for each topic clearly and allow me to be ahead in school. Thank you Ms Liza.

-by Chiau Ren Dao (2016, Year 4 Integrated Program Student from RV)

I joined KRTC in March 2016, as y mathematical concepts for certain J1 topics such as vectors and integration. Whenever I had doubts to clarify on a question I am unable to do, looking at the solutions simply was not enough as it did not solidify my flawed concepts. It only seemed to solve that particular question. Hence, joining the tuition centre had allowed me to ask questions that I otherwise would just forget about, preventing me from improving in maths. Ample time was provided for every student to satisfactory clarify all doubts and explanations provided were very clear and fruitful. I truly an feel the improvement I had achieved because of the tuition programme.

-(2016, J1 Maths)

I joined KRTC when I failed my mid-year maths exam in J1. In less than 4 months, I went from getting a U grade to getting a B grade for my promotional exam. This was all due to the help and guidance offered by Ms Liza. Ever sine, I’ve been consistently getting good grades for maths. What really helps is how my teacher consistently drills our basics so that our foundation is concrete. Then she builds up by exposing us to challenging questions. The fact that it is more of a question and answer lesson means that we have to be responsible and prepare questions. I do not regret joining KRTC one bit and I would recommend it to anyone.

-(2016, J1 Maths)

Ms Liza is the philosopher, mentor and guiding Star for the students. She has a very unique way of teaching. She does mind maps for maths (topic by topic). This mind maps help me a lot in understanding the concepts better. her mind maps contain question types too. These question type examples give me a clearer view when I do math papers. She is very helpful and caring. She teaches me more than academics. She gives me life advice and guide me towards the right career path. I truly enjoy her lessons to the fullest.

-by Venkat (2016, J1 Maths)

Coming in just a few months before “O” levels and starting with an F9, I came without expecting much – a pass would me more than happy. Through those last few months before O’s, Ms Liza tutored me and ensured me the best she could. With lots of patience, she guided me and ensured that I acquired the skills I needed by the time I take my paper. She was firm when needed, but never once did she stop encouraging me. Her positively assured me that passing A.Math was not impossible after all. She would answer just about any question I had. Since the runway was very short for me, Ms Liza went the extra mile by helping me even out of tuition hours – answering my questions through “WhatsApp”. she is one of the most dedicated and committed tutor I’ve ever had. By the time I took my papers, Ms Liza have equipped me with enough skills to graduate with a grade of B3 for A.Maths – 6 grades difference as compared to what I started with just a few months before that. A mere “thank you” sounds so inadequate, but Ms Liza, please know that my gratitude for your help and guidance is immense! 🙂

-by Siti Sue Lyanna(2014, S4 A.Maths)