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Mr Alex Testimonials

Ever since I started learning at Mr Alex’s Combine Physics and Combine Chemistry lesson, I realised that my results have improved greatly. He is a very DEDICATED teacher who is willing to coach students one to one even if there are no official lessons on that day. His choice of worksheets is very helpful in helping me prepare for O levels. Although I did not do very well for my Sciences previously, he motivated me to strive to do my best and thanks to him, I am doing much BETTER. Thanks, Alex. 🙂

-by Sean Lee (2016, O-level)

Thank you Mr Alex for this past year. You never fail to make every lesson a fun and interesting one. Thank you for your patience and dedication. Under your guidance, my physics has improved a lot. I used to hate physics but after taking up physics tuition from you, I have learned to understand it better and even liking it now. I will MISS attending your classes. Thank you Mr Alex. 🙂

-by Phoeni Kelly (2016, O-level)

For 2 years, I thought I am doomed for physics even though it has mathematics in it. I was trying my best to improve in physics and coming for this physics tuition has made it easy to improve. I am able to understand the theories of physics much better. I actually know the concepts better and am able to explain to my fellow classmates even. Thanks, Mr Alex, even though I joined for a short time, you teaching has helped me improve a lot.

-by Mukil (2016, O level)

Even though I joined later than the rest. I have noticed SIGNIFICANT improvements in my weakest subjects – Chemistry. With unlimited resources and doing practices constantly, I have strengthened my weaker areas in Chemistry and gain a deeper understanding of the various chapters. With a GREAT teacher whom caters to the students’ needs by giving us pop quizzes to judge our weakness and going through the key concepts. I believe that I will be able to score well in my O level. Thanks Mr Alex.

-by Jayanthi (2016, O-level student)

Hi Mr Alex! It was great knowing you. You have put in so much of hard work to teach us. My grades for pure Chemistry have IMPROVED tremendously – thanks to your teaching. I am extremely grateful to you. I learned something new every lesson. Thank you and keep going!

-by S. Aparrna. (2016, O-level student)

Mr Alex is a patience and encouraging tutor who gives his best in the short 1.5hours lessons. He is open to questions and would different methods to explain his theory to sure no one is left behind.

-by Eunice Zhou (2016, O-level student)

Mr Alex is a great teacher. He never gets angry at us and always explain the things that we do not understand or having difficulties with. He always gives everybody a chance at asking or answering questions. Through his class, I am able to identify my weakest chapter and overcoming it. Therefore, my results have improved greatly and now chemistry is one of my strongest subject. Thanks Mr Alex.

-by Mun Rui (2016, O-level student)

My Chemistry results have been very lousy ever since Secondary 3. However, my results started to improve after I joined Mr Alex’s class during the start of the year. My grades improved from my usual C5 to an A2. During lessons, he would explain the questions clearly and gives everyone a chance to answer the questions.

-by Tracy Neo (2016, O-level student)

Hi Mr Alex! Even though I only joined Chemistry lessons this year, I made TREMENDOUS improvement in Chemistry. I am able to understand Chemistry better and finally able to accept my class teacher’s motto “CHEMISTRY is EASY”. Thanks for explaining the concepts in details and make it easy to memorise. Your help has helped to improve my grades a lot. Thanks Mr Alex.

-by Munkil (2016, O-level student)

Mr Alex is a very good teacher. He is very enthusiastic in teaching and is always willing to spend his free time helping students in need. His style of teaching is very interesting as he uses examples that relates to us and never fails to gain my attention in class.

-by Medwin (2015, Sec4)

Chemistry classes have always been enjoyable! I have improved quite a lot after attending this class. I was comfortable to ask questions when I had one.

-by Nur Umirah (2015, Sec4)

Hey Mr Alex! Really nice knowing you and I can’t find words to describe how much you cared for my subjects and just how you have inspired me in life. You never failed to amaze me with your incredible vastly knowledge. Just stay the way you are because you are already the best tuition teacher!
It may have only been a few months with you guiding me, but I must say it had been a wonderful one! 🙂 Will never forget this fruitful journey with you.

-by Min Feng (2015, Sec4)

A roller coaster journey, full of ups & downs. Overall it was a fruitful journey with Mr Alex, thank you! 🙂

-by Mei Hui (2015, Sec4)