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“Write Right” & Level Up in Composition

The weak student in English will improve in his grades if he spends time reading good books and newspaper articles. From these materials, he will learn all the elements of good grammar, spelling, punctuation, good expressions, useful vocabularies to write excellent compositions. The student writes from a mind that has been welll fed on good stories, ideas and morals. Only then, he will be able to write well and secure a good grades. Thus, students will get to read relevant newspaper articles and good books. Then, they will do a review of what they have read. This is the recipe for success. However, this will not take place overnight but over a period of time. The improvements in grades will come when the student applies himself diligently.

In other words, the learning of English involves immersion – soaking the students with an English environment, be it at home, school and friends. That’s how students master a language. In fact, the home environoment is most important for the development of child’s linguistic ability. Thus, I will encourage parents to speak only English at home, if possible. In this way, the student gets to hear how English is spoken, how words are used in sentences to communicate with other members of the family with all its emphasis. And this conversation is translated in formal writing suitable for school work.

These, I believe are the rudiments of mastering the English Language, in fact, any language.

By Mr Paul Goh
Primary English Tutor
Kent Ridge Education (KRTC) @ Jurong

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