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Preschool Chinese


– 提高对学习华文的兴趣 Establish a passion in the Chinese Language
– 增强华文创意写作能力 Improve creative writing skills in Chinese


Children can:
– Discover passion for Chinese through creative writing and learning
– Sing nursery songs with helps students learn with passion and interest
– Compose their own contemporary melodies
– Speaking and reading with confidence
– Gain a strong interest in learning Chinese


Course Detail:

– 伴唱赏析 Singing & Song Appreciation
Through fun-filled singing sessions and structured learning, students will not only learn proper vocal techniques to sing well, they will also be guided to discover the power of creative Chinese language usage and in the process, develop curiosity and passion for the Chinese Language.
– 创意写作 Creative Writing 
Students will learn how to brainstorm for ideas for creative narrative writing and use the power of rhymes to build content in writing. They will also discover the various poetic devices used in poetry writing and learn how they can apply them in writing essays.
– 旋律基础 Music Composition & Melodies
Students will learn how to express their inherent music creativity, craft melodious tunes and structure them into song melodies. They will learn through fun learning methods. Such methods will go a long way in helping them.



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