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P1 Preparatory Class

Preparatory programme for Primary One – Mathematics, English & Phonics
For K1/K2 Students

This programme is specially written for students between the ages of 5 to 7 years in preparation for Primary One. We follow the Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus closely in order to help your child have a head start in Primary One.

Our Preparatory Course is specially designed for K2 children to equip them with the essential skills and knowledge and for a smooth transition to Primary One the following year.

Lessons and materials for our Preparatory Course are carefully planned and written to follow closely with the MOE syllabus for Primary One.

Difficult concepts are taught in a step-by-step basis so as to facilitate systematic and sequential learning. A variety of skill-based activities also help to engage students in active learning.

Students also develop communication skills through interaction with their peers and teacher.

Our Preparatory Course is an effective and enjoyable programme with proven results to enrich your child with the necessary skills and knowledge for a head-start in Primary One.


To equip children with the essential skills and knowledge for a smooth transition to Primary One the following year.


Children can:
– facilitate systematic and sequential learning
– develop communication skills
– enriched by the necessary skills and knowledge
– etc..

Course Syllabus (MATHEMATICS):

Numbers Addition & Subtraction Measures Word Problems
Numbers 0 to 10 Addition within 10 Shapes & Sizes Simple Addition
Number Bonds Subtraction within 10 Patterns Addition Stories
Comparing numbers Numbers within 20 Length Addition Word Problems
Number Sequence Length Mass Simple Subtraction
Ordinal Numbers Mass Graphs Subtraction Stories
Numbers to 20 Money Time Subtraction Word Problems
Numbers to 50 Money Multiplication

Course Syllabus (ENGLISH):

Grammar Vocabulary Comprehension Writing
Common & proper nouns Gender Sequencing Word order
Singular & plural nonus Occupations Classifying Completing sentences
Countable & uncountable nouns People & places Information gathering Ordering sentences
Personal pronouns Parents & their young Following instructions Sentence extension
Possessive adjectives Country, people & languages Inferring Guided story writing
Verbs ‘to be’ Sounds Graphic Stimulus Creative writing
Simple present tense Collective nouns Sentence cloze
Adjectives Classifications Multiple choice
Prepositions Homes Open-ended
Adverbs Antonyms
Connectors Synonyms
Question words Word Substitution

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