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Ms Rachel Ong Testimomials

Miss Rachel is smart and kind. She help me improve my science. It is fun and I wanted to join the science class again next year.

-by Deline Ong (2015)

Miss Rachel is a caring teacher. She teaches me science. She always ensure that we understand the questions before we continue to the next.

-by Allissa Tng (2015)

Miss Rachel is a very good teacher. She makes the lessons very fun and interesting. She is also a very funny teacher.

-by Lorraine Ong (2015)

Miss Rachel is a very funny teacher. She tries to teach us using fun methods. Every week, I look forward to her lessons. I love my Mathematics and Science Tuition. She helped me improve in my Science Exam. From A, Miss Rachel helped me to get A+ in my examination.

-by Edwin Liew (2015)

Before I was taught by Ms Rachel, my SA1 grade was a low B grade, but after her guidance, I managed to get a grade A and I have been improving on my Mathematics since then.

-by Han Hua (2014)

You teach me very good! You are the best teacher in the world. Thank you so much! You are the kindest teacher I have seen. You teach us very good and help us to achieve good marks in exams. Your way of teaching is very good and I hope that you will be our teacher for a long time. Your lessons are very good!

-by Diksha (2014)

I like the way you teach us but some of the questions are super hard. For next year if you are teaching P6 I will go to your class, so will Diksha.

-by Jie Qi (2014)

This Mathematics course teaches me to be braver when I see long or difficult questions. I had many great times with my friend. My teacher is also very kind to me when I don’t understand. The questions given to me were more challenging than I usually meet.

-by Shirin (2014)

Thank you for teaching me a lot of methods in doing Maths and Science. I feel thankful as I improved a tiny but not that tiny in my subjects. I think that you are very funny and when you teach, I can understand you. It is really lucky that I have a good teacher like you.

-by Kai Yuan (2014)

It was quite a big risk for me to attend tuition midyear. I still remembered, I got 65 for Maths for SA1. For prelim, I achieved 80. It wasn’t a hassle for me to turn to Ms Rachel for help when I least understand a particular question from school.

-by Muhd Zulhilmi (2014)