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Ms Hye Na Testimonials

Miss Lee is our tuition tutor. She always make laugh and giggle. I hope next year she s my tutor again. My class is really funny. Sometimes they are a little loud. I hope I can be a tutor too when I grow up.

-by Greta(2015)

Miss Lee is a kind and helpful teacher. Miss Lee will help me when I questions. I love Miss Lee’s spectacles. It is so big. I love Miss Lee and I love my classmates. I love Miss Lee’s hair. Lastly, I have a great time in class.

-by Syazwina (2015)

Miss Lee is a smart and kind tutor. She is very kind towards me. I have very good classmates. When I have questions, I will ask Miss Lee. I am very happy being here.

-by Tay Yi Jing(2015)

My English tutor is Miss Lee. She teaches me English. She will always help me. The class is very fun and nice. My friends are very helpful.

-by Kavinnaya(2015)

Ms Lee is my tuition teacher. She teaches me English. She will help me when I have questions. Miss Lee is very kind. My class is fun and interesting. I love my teacher and friends.

-by Charmaine Yeo(2015)

I am very happy when I go for lessons. Miss Lee is a very kind and smart teacher. She will always teach us. She can be funny too. I love Miss Lee.

-by Gabriel Choo(2015)

I love my teacher and friends. Miss Lee is a kind, happy and smart teacher. She is always helping me.
Today Miss Lee is wearing a wonderful dress.

-by Rayden Lew(2015)