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2 Sessions of “Read in a Week Reading” Phonics Lessons for $24.90

Note :The promotion is no longer valid

There is a deal for our “Read in a weak” Phonics course provider at deal.com.sg from 28 Aug to 6 Sept

‘Read in a Week’ Phonics programme aims to teach young children to read and spell in the shortest time possible. The 3-in-1 programme allows children to learn phonics, reading and spelling. This includes:

– Sounds of individual letters A-Z
– Blending of these sounds including dipthongs and diagraphs
– How to apply phonics in reading/spelling

Our services provider, Power Phonics & Literacy has been around for the past 15 years, and thousands of children have benefited from it. Teachers within the company have been trained with the same mission and philosophy: to teach children to be excellent readers and spellers. The teachers have vast experiences and training and specialize in teaching children with or without learning difficulties. Not only are they taught phonics, but they are also taught the skill of applying phonics. This results in them being able to read independently 1 or 2 years above their peers. These children then become enthusiastic readers and learners as they gain their confidence in reading.

for more detail, please refer to the Phonics page

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  1. I bought a deal voucher but i have problem entering into the website to make booking. Kindly provide link to make booking. Thanks

  2. Hi Lina,

    Can I check with you which branch are you interest to enroll your kids? we can forward your request to the particular branches.


    Best Regards,

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